New Song Chorus




A generation that finds their voice.


New Song empowers young people to discover the transformative power of their voice to release sounds that restore hope and confront injustice.


New Song is a catalytic voice for the renewal of communities, regions, and nations through the powerful combination of youth and song. 


The Southern Tier has been home to some of the great voices of American history. From more well-known figures like Mark Twain, Ernie Davis, and Eileen Collins to lesser known heroes like John W. Jones, we enjoy a rich heritage of individuals who made extraordinary impacts on culture – from local to global in scope. 


Our world is once again in need of heroes. Our valley is no stranger to atmospheric devastation, poverty, suicidality, or – most recently – the opiate epidemic. A generation is growing up amidst these tragedies and traumas, so they will need the tools and the empowerment to recognize the potential of their own voices to meet the challenges of our time with determination and the knowledge that it is within their power to change the cultural narrative and shape the future.


New Song is a new Southern Tier Youth Chorus that helps young people discover the culturally transformative power inherent in their voice. Like any choral ensemble, the students learn principles of healthy vocal technique and perform age-appropriate literature. Beyond that, our team is working to create a culture that celebrates the uniqueness of each child, with the express purpose of instilling a confidence that the young artists will elevate song learning to a place of cultural influence and civic engagement.