New Song Chorus



1. What age range does my child have to be within?

We currently accept students into the chorus who are enrolled in 3rd through 9th grades. In future years, we hope to expand this offering.

2. What kind of music will my child be singing?

We have a high value for diversity, in every way that can be expressed, including the repertoire we choose. We select age-appropriate literature that spans the centuries, world geography, and styles from classical to folk song and everything in between. Yes, this will include more contemporary expressions like Broadway, jazz, or pop genres, but the latter genres will not be the steady “diet.” Our overarching goals will be artistic excellence, development of the individual singer, but also development of the individual person. Whenever possible, we want to be able to infuse life skills into our instruction in tandem with our musical objectives.

3. How can I help?

First, get the word out! We would love for young people across the region to know of this opportunity if they have a love for singing and want to grow in it! 

Second, we are a nonprofit organization and - like many - rely on the generosity of donors, grant makers, and sponsors to not only supply our current needs but produce revenue streams that will make New Song sustainable for many seasons to come! Visit our DONATE page to join the growing list of financial supporters!

Third, if you're a New Song parent, maybe you would consider helping us start a parent support organization from the ground up! Feel free to email if you are interested in assisting us in launching this crucial part of our program!

Fourth, if you would like to volunteer in some capacity other than what is listed here, feel free to email us at Sometimes, you have gift sets that pair beautifully with our needs!

4. Why Big Flats for the location?

Glad you asked! We really sought for this chorus to reflect the region of the Southern Tier and not one major municipality. We think Big Flats isn't too far for Elmira-area students OR Corning-area students. We aimed for centrality of geography in our venue choice.

5. Where does the chorus perform?

Twice yearly, once in an Elmira venue, once in a Corning location, in addition to any invitations New Song receives across the year from community organizations.

6. When and where does the chorus rehearse?

We rehearse weekly from 4:00pm to 5:10pm on Tuesdays. Rehearsals for the fall season begin on September 29th and will be held at The Bridge Wesleyan Church, 561 Maple Ave, Big Flats, NY for this season.

7. How is tuition determined?

At the full year tuition pricing, tuition breaks down to $10 per 70 minute rehearsal. This tuition is comparable to other arts organizations in our region.

8. The tuition is a bit steep for our family. Is there any way

    to lessen the cost?

Yes! In January 2019, we started a Tuition Access Initiative designed to assist families like yours. Click here to read information on that initiative and apply for assistance.