New Song Chorus





New Song is - by design - a multicultural experience. From the music we prepare to the venues we perform in to the diversity represented in our young singers themselves, we intentionally look for ways to provide an inclusive experience. To that end, we intentionally look to address any hindrances to access that may exist between a child and the experience New Song provides.


New Song is funded, in part, by tuition monies. While we feel it is in the best interests of each family to invest financially in their child’s experience, we certainly do not want tuition to become an insurmountable hurdle for deserving singers (those who audition successfully) to participate in New Song. 


To that end, we created a Tuition Access Initiative. For those families that find our annual, semester, or monthly tuition amounts outside of the reasonable stretch of their budgets, they can fill out a short form here that supplies our team with the information we need to respond with an appropriate tuition discount. The amount of the discount will be decided on a per case basis. Household size and income, temporary hardships, and current assistance are major factors in our decision making. Please allow up to two weeks for our team to get back to you in response to your form submission. Whenever possible, we will respond in person (i.e. before or after rehearsal), with email or phone as a secondary or backup form of communication as necessary. 


Questions regarding our Tuition Access Initiative can be emailed to




Pay full tuition for the first child and receive 25% off each additional sibling's tuition.


Returning families who pre-pay for the year will receive an additional 10% off the year if paid by July 30th. This discount will also pertain to those enjoying tuition access and/or sibling discounts.


We think one of the worst injustices a child can experience is the loss of a parent. Since our team believes there is a mandate and opportunity on our generation of adults to love, mentor and empower the youth of our time, New Song provides full tuition waivers to any young singer that auditions successfully for our ensembles and has experienced the tragedy of losing one or both parents. 


If this scenario applies to your family/singer, please check the appropriate box on our Tuition Access Initiative form and feel free to provide any specific background as you feel may be important for us to know as we interact with your child. 

Please note that all tuition monies are non-refundable.